“Dale and Renya are magnificent curators and creators of sacred space.” – Thea Summer Deer

“My daughter and I picked the best weekend for a getaway trip in Silver City.  Only our 2nd time there,  but Tranqilbuzz was a must on our list.  So glad we stopped in both Saturday and Sunday! Hearing Dale’s story left is both in tears, happy tears that is! We deeply felt the love and the passion in there yesterday. We went in for coffee but we left with a heart full of buzz! Thank you for sharing your story.  It truly was captivating and memorable for us.  In our recent personal struggles, you gave us just what our hearts needed!! We will always stop in to see you when come to town! Congratulations on your anniversary!”

“As a “senior citizen” I can’t express how much I appreciate the Buzz. I have lived in many places, none had a place quite like it. It is warm, friendly and welcoming. The owners are gracious and kind. It feels like home. Thank you.”

“Did you get your happy on at the Buzz today?”

“Since our last visit, the coffee house has moved to their new location only 1 block away. Their new location is larger, and even more comfortable and funky than before. The new outdoor space is amazing, with a sweet waterfall, stream, and plenty of both covered and sun splashed seating/ lounging. Owner Dale has put a lot of thought and effort into the new location, and to do so in the midst of Covid is truly astounding! My wife and I will frequent Tranquilbuzz Coffee House every time we visit Silver City.”

I would move to Silver City for this coffee shop. The owner has created a welcome space for all. The coffee is the best. When you enter, you don’t want to leave.”

“Very very special place, has a whole life of its own… amazing coffee and you leave feeling connected. It invokes the special feeling of being in your clubhouse with your best friend, which inspires deeply connected conversations.”

“Super cute place, friendly staff, and great coffee! Definitely worth stopping here! The inside and the outside are so adorable!”

“This is the best Cubano I’ve had in the US, and yes, I am from Cuba.”

“I’ve been in 75 countries and have never been in a place like this before.”

“I could live here.”

“Dale is the Master of Cozy.”

“This place is fantastic and it’s a community and a coffee house. It’s home. It’s love. It’s sharing. It’s warmth, nourishment, and wonder all packed into one. Thank you for supporting these fantastic folks!”

“Best atmosphere and vibe of a coffee house in all of the western United States. Nice blends of coffee and various types of milks for creamers.”

You guys have made me feel so welcome! Your place is a little utopia—heaven on earth!!”

“Tranquilbuzz is the coolest little coffee shop in Silver City, and that’s saying something (there are many coffee shops there!). We had breakfast at Tranquilbuzz every day while we were visiting Silver City. The coffee and food are wonderful, the staff is friendly and the people we met and talked to there were super cool. I love the funky decor and the outdoor patio was perfect for us as we were traveling with our friendly pit bull, Sammie. Recommend the quiche (if you’re into eggs) or any of their pastries, ask about vegan options too.”

“We loved this cute coffee house! They were super friendly and served up a great latte. We also brought some beans home with us and enjoyed those.”

“Wow! Silver city has a lot of coffee shops but Tranquilbuzz is my favorite. Wonderful relaxed atmosphere, great coffee, and the spice cake we had was just incredible. The people here are so nice, they really made us feel welcome. It’s a cozy place for coffee, music, or conversation, highly recommended! We will definitely be back.”

“Tranquilbuzz is the “Cheers” of coffee shops! It’s just the best!”

“Was told to grab breakfast at Diane’s from a friend who loves it, but we were a bit confused, as the bakery was closed (at 7:50 am) and so was the restaurant. So we decided to try out the Tranquilbuzz. I’m so glad we did. Adorable little place. Eclectic. Rustic. Great coffee. Amazing quiche served with what I believe was butternut squash. Delicious! It’s small but quaint. And they also sell quite a variety of muffins, cookies, and cinnamon buns. Definitely worth looking for (as it is a bit hidden).”

“Good drinks, good scones, friendly staff and customers in a cozy setting. I love coming here!”

“I love this coffee shop! Such a great, laid-back vibe! The staff is always friendly and helpful. It’s a nice place to hang out and chat with locals and they have live music on the weekends. The recent move down the street is fantastic! The new place is bright & airy, and has a great atmosphere! And the patio is so inviting!! The coffees, teas, and baked goods (incl. Gluten-free) are sure to please! Stop in and get your caffeine fix from the Tranquil Buzz…you won’t regret it!”

“Tranquilbuzz is the coolest little coffee shop in Silver City, and that’s saying something (there are many coffee shops there!).”

“I moved to Silver City because of Tranquilbuzz Coffee!”

“Adorable little coffee shop with amazing staff, drinks, scenery, and prices! It’s a local gem and I highly recommend! 10/10”

“Perfect hang out for us. We love the fountain, the people, the GF treats, and the choice of kind of Chai (sugar and dairy free, thank you). We go there regularly while in town and find ourselves filled with peace and joy while there and carry it with us throughout the day.”

“Such a relaxing, cute coffee house in Silver City, NM. The pastries are amazing and so is the artwork. I’ll be back.”

“Tranquilbuzz is an oasis in the desert. From the great decor to the friendly and accommodating owner, to the local art, many options for tea and coffee, and local pastries, this was a wonderful stop to make in Silver City. Iced coffee was taken to the next level with coffee ice cubes! Definitely a must!”

“This a wonderful coffee house! Great food and better coffee! I’d wager to say it’s the best in town. Don’t miss stopping here! Try the iced coffee with coffee ice cubes!”

“The cutest coffee house ever. Coffee is very good. I have never seen such a beautiful outside setup.”

“What a magical coffee house. The quiches are excellent, we had the green chile it was fluffy and the crust underneath wasn’t soggy. We bought pastries to take with us for the next day’s breakfast. We will definitely visit this place the next time we are back in Silver City. Dogs are allowed outside.”

“Visited Silver City for a few days and I fell in love with this funky little coffee shop. Great coffee and the people were super friendly. If I lived in the area I would go there every day. I will be back soon.”

“Tranquilbuzz is my Happy Hour – mocha latte and mango cake.”

“Great selection, really delicious coffee, and one of the most beautiful coffee shops inside I’ve ever seen.”

“You could spend hours exploring the creative and inviting spaces in Tranquilbuzz. An indoor space boasts a live music corner with lots of instruments hanging as decor and I’m assuming an invitation to play them. Enjoy nooks and crannies of intimate tables, stools and several community gathering spaces composed of harvests tables and furniture. The outdoor space defies description. The whole place simply has to be experienced. The coffee and pastries and signature quiche are a five star.”

“Dale has really remodeled this place beautifully with wonderful places to sit inside and outside, and if you’re lucky, there will be live music to listen to. Great quiche!”

“What a wonderful unplanned and unexpectedly surprise. This is the absolute best coffee shop we have ever been to. It has a very chill welcoming atmosphere, great music, awesome pastries and coffee. Such comfy seating inside and lots of neat spaces outside. Local artwork for sale too. While it’s obvious that the local regulars come in they are very friendly and welcoming. Owner Dale really knows what he is doing!”

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